Samsung Q70R Review

Samsung Q70R vs Sony X950G Review (QN55Q70R vs XBR55X950G, QN65Q70R vs XBR65X950G, QN75Q70R vs XBR75X950G, QN85Q70R vs XBR85X950G)

by norrystyon September 15, 2019
Sony X950G is the top model of the Sony’s 2019 4K HDR LED TV lineup. It is the successor of the 2018’s X900F. On the other hand, the Samsung Q70R is the middle range of Samsung’s 2019 QLED TV lineup. In this lineup, it sits behind the Samsung Q60R and Q70R.  In the market, the […]

Samsung Q80R vs Q90R Review (QN65Q80R vs QN65Q90R, QN75Q80R vs QN75Q90R)

by norrystyon June 8, 2019
Samsung Q80R and Q90R are the second top and top model of Samsung’s 2019 4K QLED TV lineup. They sit between Q900R that comes with 8K resolution and Q70R. Samsung Q90R is launched to remove the Samsung’s 2018 flagship Q9FN while Q80R replace the Q8FN. In the market, they both come in 3 screen sizes […]
Samsung Q70R Review

Samsung Q70R vs Q7FN Review (QN55Q70R vs QN55Q7FN, QN65Q70R vs QN65Q7FN, QN75Q70R vs QN75Q7FN)

by norrystyon May 22, 2019
Samsung Q70R is mid-range model of Samsung’s 2019 4K HDR QLED TV while Samsung Q7FN is the predecessor, the mid range model of Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV. Compared to the predecessor, the Q70R comes with some improvements and additional new features that expected its performance is better than the predecessor. If the Samsung Q7FN predecessor […]

Samsung RU7100 Review

Samsung RU7100 vs NU7100 Review (UN43RU7100 vs UN43NU7100, UN50RU7100 vs UN50NU7100, UN55RU7100 vs UN55NU7100, UN58RU7100 vs UN58NU7100, UN65RU7100 vs UN65NU7100, UN75RU7100 vs UN75NU7100)

by norrystyon April 28, 2019
Samsung RU7100 is the entry level of Samsung’s 2019 4K HDR TV lineup and the Samsung NU7100 is the predecessor. As the entry level TV, they both lack some features and technologies offered by the series above them but of course, their price is more affordable. In the market, they both come in many screen […]
Samsung Q60R Review

Samsung Q60R vs Q6FN Review (QN49Q60R vs QN49Q6FN, QN55Q60R vs QN55Q6FN, QN65Q60R vs QN65Q6FN, QN75Q60R vs QN75Q6FN, QN82Q60R vs QN82Q6FN)

by norrystyon April 12, 2019
Samsung Q60R is the lowest model of Samsung’s 2019 QLED TVs lineup. Its presence was intended to replace Q6FN in the market. In the market, they both come with many screen sizes options including 49 inch (QN49Q60R vs QN49Q6FN), 55 Inch (QN55Q60R vs QN55Q6FN), 65 Inch (QN65Q60R vs QN65Q6FN), 75 inch (QN75Q60R vs QN75Q6FN), and […]
Samsung QN55Q7CN Review

The 5 Best TVs in 2018 under $1500

by norrystyon February 14, 2019
If you have a budget about $1500 or less, you can still have a lot options. There are a lot of TVs which sold less than $1500, from the small screen up to the bigger screen 75 inch. Nevertheless, this also depends on your intention, picture quality of the size of the screen. But ideally, […]

LG OLED55B8 Review

The Best TVs in 2018 under $2000

by norrystyon January 20, 2019
If you have a budget about $2000 and want to buy TV that launched in 2018, there are some of the best TVs you can choose. Ideally, with this budget, you will get 55 inch TVs for the best. Nevertheless, if you are willing to sacrifice the image quality or some features, you can get […]
Samsung NU6900 Review

Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 – What are their Differences? (UN43NU6900 vs UN43NU7100, UN50NU6900 vs UN50NU7100, UN55NU6900 vs UN55NU7100, UN65NU6900 vs UN65NU7100, UN75NU6900 vs UN75NU7100)

by norrystyon January 7, 2019
Samsung NU6900 and UN7100 are the entry level model of Samsung’s 2018 4K HDR LED TV Lineup. As the entry level TV, performance and features offered may be not as excellent and complete as the series above them, but they have the superiority in their cheap price. In the market, both of them come in […]
LG OLED B8 Review

The 5 Best TVs in 2018 for HDR Experience

by norrystyon November 23, 2018
Almost all 4K TVs that launched in 2017 already come with HDR (high Dynamic Range) technology. But unfortunately, most of them only come with basic support of HDR. This means, most of them only support metadata HDR that allow them can play HDR content. But there are not many TVs that can show HDR contents […]

Samsung Q9FN Review

The 5 Best TVs in 2018 for Playing Games

by norrystyon November 18, 2018
If you are searching a TV for playing games, there some points you should consider. One of the major factors you should consider is about their input lags. Fortunately, in general, all models of TVs which released in 2017 have good input lags.  This very important particularly when you are playing fast paced content that […]