LG NANO 85 Review

LG Nano 85 vs LG SM8600 Review (49NANO85UNA vs 49SM8600PUA, 55NANO85UNA vs 55SM8600PUA, 65NANO85UNA vs 65SM8600PUA)

by norrystyon June 21, 2020
  LG Nano 85 is a part of the LG’s 2020 NanoCell lineup. Meanwhile the LG SM8600 is the predecessor, also part of the last year’s Nano Cell lineup. Just like most of LED TVs by LG, both of them come with IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel technology that offered wide side viewing angle coverage.  But […]

Samsung Q80T vs Q80R Review (QN55Q80T vs QN55Q80R, QN65Q80T vs QN65Q80R, QN75Q80T vs QN75Q80R, QN85Q80T vs QN85Q80R)

by norrystyon June 8, 2020
Samsung Q80T and Q80R are part of the Samsung QLED TV Q80 Series. The Samsung Q80R is the 2019 model while the Q80T is the 2020 model. You need to know, in 2020, Samsung has downgraded the performance and features of their 2020 lineup over the 2019 lineup. This means, even though the Q80T is […]
Samsung Q70T Review

Samsung Q70T vs Q60T Review – (QN55Q70T vs QN55Q60T, QN65Q70T vs QN65Q60T, QN75Q70T vs QN75Q60T, QN85Q70T vs QN85Q60T)

by norrystyon May 29, 2020
Samsung Q70T and Q60T are parts of the Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV lineup. Id we see their number series, the Samsung Q60T is the successor of the Q60R while the Q70T is the successor of the Q70R. But even so, talking about features and performance, it seems they both have been downgraded from their predecessor. […]

Samsung TU8000 vs RU8000 Review (UN50TU8000 vs UN49RU8000, UN55TU8000 vs UN55RU8000, UN65TU8000 vs UN65RU8000, UN75RU8000 vs UN75TU8000, UN85TU8000 vs UN82RU8000)

by norrystyon April 8, 2020
Samsung TU8000 is the highest model of non QLED TVs of Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup. Meanwhile, the Samsung RU8000 is the predecessor and also the highest model of non QLED TVs of Samsung’s 2019 TV lineup. They both have excellent native contrast ratio and black uniformity that makes their performance in a dark room is […]
Vizio P Series Quantum 2019 Review

Vizio P Series Quantum 2019 vs Samsung Q60R /Q60 Review (P659-G1 vs QN65Q60R, P759-G1 vs QN7560R)

by norrystyon October 30, 2019
  Vizio P Series Quantum 2019 and Samsung Q60R/Q60 are mid-level TV in 2019. In their lineup, the P Series Quantum sits between the P Series Quantum X and M Series Quantum, while the Q60R sits between the Samsung Q70R and Q50R. In the market, the P Series Quantum is available on 2 screen sizes […]
Samsung Q90R

Samsung Q90R vs LG OLED C9 Review (QN65Q90R vs OLED65C9PUA, QN75Q90R vs OLED77C9PUB)

by norrystyon October 13, 2019
Both Samsung Q90R and LG OLED C9 is the high-end TVs in 2019. The Q90R is the top model of the Samsung’s 2019 4 HDR QLED TV Lineup. Meanwhile, the OLED C9 is a part of LG’s 2019 OLED TV lineup and it sits between the OLED E9 and B9 Series. In the market, both […]

Samsung RU8000 Review

Samsung RU8000 and NU8000 Review (UN49RU8000 vs UN49NU8000, UN55RU8000 vs UN55NU8000, UN65RU8000 vs UN65NU8000, UN75RU8000 vs UN75NU8000, UN82RU8000 vs UN82NU8000)

by norrystyon September 29, 2019
Samsung RU8000 is the top model of Samsung’s 2019 non QLED TV. In the market, it sits in middle range model. On the other hand, the Samsung NU8000 is the predecessor of RU8000. Despite the NU8000 is the last year model and its existence have been replaced by the RU8000, but you can still find […]
Samsung Q70R Review

Samsung Q70R vs Sony X950G Review (QN55Q70R vs XBR55X950G, QN65Q70R vs XBR65X950G, QN75Q70R vs XBR75X950G, QN85Q70R vs XBR85X950G)

by norrystyon September 15, 2019
Sony X950G is the top model of the Sony’s 2019 4K HDR LED TV lineup. It is the successor of the 2018’s X900F. On the other hand, the Samsung Q70R is the middle range of Samsung’s 2019 QLED TV lineup. In this lineup, it sits behind the Samsung Q60R and Q70R.  In the market, the […]

LG OLED B9 VS OLED B8 Review (OLED55B8 vs OLED55B9, OLED65B8 vs OLED65B9)

by norrystyon August 28, 2019
LG OLED B9 is the lowest model of LG’s 2019 OLED TV lineup. On the other hand, the LG OLED B8 is also the lowest model of LG’s 2018 OLED TV lineup and at the same time is also the predecessor of OLED B9. Since picture quality is almost similar among all OLED TVs, of […]

Sony X850G Review

Sony X850G vs X800G Review (XBR55X850G vs XBR55X800G, XBR65X850G vs XBR65X800G, XBR75X850G vs XBR75X800G)

by norrystyon August 12, 2019
Sony X850G and X800G is the mid-range TV of Sony’s 2019 4K HDR LED TV. The Sony X800G is the replacement of the 2018 X750F, while the X850G is the replacement of X850F. In the market, the X850G comes in 4 screen sizes option including 55 inches (XBR55X850G), 65 Inches (XBR65X850G), 75 Inches (XBR75X850G), and […]