Samsung Q6FN Review

Samsung Q6FN vs Q7FN (QN55Q6FN vs QN55Q7FN, QN65Q6FN vs QN65Q7FN, QN75Q6FN vs QN75Q7FN)

by norrystyon June 18, 2018
Samsung Q6FN and Q7FN are parts of Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV lineup. As the parts of Samsung’s QLED TV, one of the main characteristics brought is quantum dot panel that makes both of them has excellent wide color gamut and color rendition. In the market, Samsung Q7FN comes in 3 screen size options including 55 […]
Samsung Q8FN Review

Samsung Q8FN vs LG OLED C8 Review (QN55Q8FN vs OLED55C8PUA, QN65Q8FN vs OLED65C8PUA, QN75Q8FN vs OLED77C8PUA)

by norrystyon May 3, 2018
Samsung Q8FN is the second top model of Samsung’s 2018 4K HDR QLED TV while LG OLED C8 is the mid-end model of LG’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV. In the market, both of them equally come in 3 screen sizes, for OLED C8, there 55 inch (OLED55C8PUA), 65 Inch (OLED65C8PUA), and 77 inch (OLED77C8PUA), […]

Samsung NU8000 vs MU8000 Review : What are their differences?

by norrystyon April 9, 2018
Samsung NU8000 is the mid-range model of Samsung’s 2018 Flat 4K HDR LED TV lineup while MU8000 is the predecessor, the mid-range model of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV lineup. Like the predecessor MU8000, NU8000 also comes with 5 screen sizes available including 49 Inch (UN49NU8000 vs UN49MU8000), 55 inch (UN55NU8000 vs UN55MU8000), 65 […]

Sony X720E Review

Sony X720E vs Samsung MU6300 Review (KD55X720E vs UN55MU6300, KD49X720E vs UN50MU6300, KD43X720E vs UN43MU6300)

by norrystyon October 7, 2017
Samsung X720E and Samsung MU6300 are the entry level 4K which available in the market. One of the advantages of them certainly is about their cheap price. Nevertheless, although they have a cheap price, but picture quality and performance that offered is not too disappointing. In the market, Sony X720E comes with 3 screen sizes […]

Samsung Q7C vs Q7F Review (QN55Q7C vs QN55Q7F, QN65Q7c vs QN65Q7F)

by norrystyon September 21, 2017
Samsung Q7C and Q7F are the lowest model of Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV lineup. The excepting of the panel form, both of them have the same features and technologies. In the market, Q7F comes with 3 screen sizes option including 55 Inch (QN55Q7F), 65 Inch (QN65Q7F), and 75 Inch (QN75Q7F), while Q7C comes with only […]
Samsung MU8000 Review

Sony X850E vs Samsung MU8000 Review (XBR65X850E vs UN65MU8000, XBR75X850E vs UN75MU8000)

by norrystyon August 18, 2017
Samsung MU8000 and Sony X850E are mid- class of 4K HDR TVS that available in the market. In the market, MU8500 comes with five screen sizes options including 49 Inch (UN55MU8000), 55 Inch (UN55MU8000), 65 Inch (UN65MU8000), 75 Inch (UN75MU8000), and 82 Inch (UN82MU8000), while X850E comes with 2 screen sizes options including 65 Inch […]

Samsung MU6500 vs MU6300

Samsung MU6500 vs MU6300 Review (UN49MU6500 vs UN50MU6300, UN55MU6500 vs UN55MU6300, UN65MU6500 vs UN65MU6300)

by norrystyon August 3, 2017
Samsung MU6500 and MU6300 are parts of an entry level of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV Lineup or parts of Samsung’s 2017 Series 6. One of the advantages that offered is about their affordable price but still offer good picture quality and HDR performance, particularly for newbie. In the market, MU6500 is available with […]
Samsung MU9000 Review

Samsung MU9000 vs Q7F Review (UN55MU9000 vs QN55Q7F, UN65MU9000 vs QN65Q7F, UN75MU9000 vs QN75Q7F)

by norrystyon July 25, 2017
Samsung MU9000 is the flagship of Samsung’s 2017 premium UHD TV lineup while Samsung Q7F is the lowest model of Samsung QLED TV. In the marketplace, there are 3 screen sizes options for both including 55 Inch (UN55MU9000 vs QN55Q7F), 65 Inch (UN65MU9000 vs QN65Q7F), and 75 Inch (UN75MU9000 vs QN75Q9F). With the same price, […]
Samsung MU8500 vs MU7500 Reviews

Samsung MU8500 vs MU7500 (UN55MU8500 vs UN55MU7500, UN65MU8500 vs UN65MU7500)

by norrystyon July 12, 2017
Samsung MU8500 and MU7500 are parts of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV lineup. Samsung MU7500 is curved model of Series 7 while MU8500 is curved model of Series 8. In the marketplace, there are 2 screen sizes available for MU8500, 55 Inch (UN55MU8500) and 65 Inch (UN65MU8500), while for MU7500, there are 3 screen […]

LG SJ8500 Review

LG SJ8500 vs Samsung MU8000 Review (55SJ8500 vs UN55MU8000, 65SJ8500 vs UN65MU8000)

by norrystyon June 29, 2017
LG SJ8500 and Samsung MU8000 are the mind-range of 4K HDR TV that available in the market. There are 2 screen  sizes options available for SJ8500 including 55 Inch (55SJ8500) and 65 Inch (65SJ8500), while for MU8000, there are 5 screen sizes options available including 49 Inch (UN49MU8000), 55 Inch (UN55MU8000), 65 Inch (UN65MU8000), 75 […]